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Rules for the competition SMSS, Swedish Lakes
Rules SMSS ver 2.3

The competition SMSS is to stimulate amateur radio, encouraging physical activity and recreation.

The initiator of SMSS is SM6CJJ Jan Johansson and SM6TOB Bengt Karlsson, owner is SM6TOB.

Anyone with a valid amateur radio license can participate.

To carry out the greatest number of confirmed QSOs with at least one of the stations in a SMSS area (lake).

All participants in SMSS needs to register at where also all QSO's will be logged.

According to the IARU bandplan all modes are allowed. QSO's via repeater or remote transmitters are not approved.
Call Frequencies (kHz)
7085 7020
3740 3540

Appropriately call for each operating mode are:
SSB: Swedish Lakes.
CW: CQ SMSS. Suitable report 599 / ABCD. Remember to adjust the speed!

Logging of QSO
Completed QSOs shall be logged on the SMSS website within 14 days. The other station's QSO's log cannot differ in time no more than 45 minutes. It is not possible to delete confirmed QSO's as they are locked by the program. Should you have accidentally sent the wrong area code, it is very important that it is announced on the Blog to avoid suspicions of cheating.
Unconfirmed QSO will be deleted on a yearly basis.

1 point will be awarded for each single unique contact where one station is located at an SMSS. If both stations are at a SMSS, each station receive 2 points. Points are given to booth CW and SSB!
Unique stations activating a unique lake can not visit the lake more than ten times.

Overall directives
The transmitter and the antenna (all the equipment) must be within a maximum distance of 50 meters (164 feet) from the lake. If you are a resident, have a summer cottage or the like at a lake area and are using stationary equipment, the LakeID shall not be stated which gives only 1 point. If the lake's shore is impossible to enter or reside at (eg marsh), it is up to the participant to interpret what is reasonable for counting as being at an SMSS. You could be anywhere around the current lake. It is not possible to transmitt from more than 2 lakes at a time. In any context, common sense and good competitive spirit.

There is no charge or fees to participate. Diplomas are free to download and print out.

SMSS competition has no defined end but a dynamic leaderboard (compare to verified DXCC countries) which shows the one with most points. This means that a participant can be active at a certain period, take a break and again later take up the activity with the previously obtained points.

Leading committee
The activity is led by a committee consisting of SM6TOB Bengt and SA5MMM Lennart.

If you can't login or need a new password you can contact the support. We will not change logs for missing confirmations. Suggestions for new features are welcome to

Rule changes
The organizers may need to change the rules in which case will be announced on the blog.

As values apply Transmitting the amateur Code of honor link to the PDF document (see below) and common sense. To e.g. consciously and deliberately give another transmitting location than that of which is reported, is completely unacceptable. Zero tolerance applies to derogatory comments in writing and transmitting to other participants. It is the responsibility of all participants to contact the person or people, they believe are acting improperly. Only in exceptional cases, the competition management will step in and expel a participant.

A radio amateur have to:

- Promote good traffic culture and never to use radio, internet or otherwise to spoil the fun.

- Use language that a child can hear.

- Show respect, be polite and help out over the transmissions and in contact with others.

- Follow the national and international regulations and agreements.

- To the best of your ability have an effective radio station and use it with good judgment.

- Be prepared to use your radio station to aid society.

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